Become an international volunteer

To fulfill our mission abroad, we need your support. We encourage you to play an active role and offer you to live a life-time experience.

As an international volunteer, you can help us facilitate our fun and interactive basic business training program BBIP, a simple and inspiring combination of manuals, games and activities. You can be a liaison in the program, help us with the design of the tools, the teaching materials, teach courses, collect data, write reports and more. Depending on your interest, experience and needs, we can adapt the experience to help you make the most out of it.


-No cultural disctinction! All nationalities are welcome.

-All educational backgrounds are accepted. However, for some projects, we might require experience in management or in the development of income generation activities.

-Must be 18 years and older

-Must have creativity, resourcefulness and passion to make this world a fair one

-Volunteers can work with us for a period of three weeks up to three months. The choice of the country depends on the volonteer and the type of project.

Where you can volunteer:

We run projects in India, Thailand, Bolivia, Colombia and Mali. For information about the opportunities, the costs associated, and departure dates email us at